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We are Not our experiences

Posted by phil_pollard on May 29, 2014 at 6:50 AM

We go through our entire lives experiencing so many things. Most people identify with their experiences. “This happened to me.” Somehow we have lost ourselves in the drama. It’s just like when you are watching a movie, and you become immersed in it, as if it is real. We become entrapped in our experiences, we think about them, our emotions are stirred and we fall victim to the show.

But we are Not our experiences. We are the witness to these happenings, but they are not us. No matter what happens to you, separate yourself from the experience. See yourself for who you really are – the witness of such events. The witness cannot be touched by the experience unless he identifies with it. And beyond the witness, you are pure Being.

This is very powerful. This disconnecting one’s Self from what one experiences pushes the consciousness outside of the drama. You separate yourself from the show, and when this happens, you do not suffer any longer from the experiences of the world. It takes you out of your mind and emotions. You no longer personalize any event or feel that something is being done to you. Nothing is being done to the witness, as he is only witnessing the events. They are not actually happening to him, therefor he is untouched.

This is obviously a completely different way of perceiving reality than most people are accustomed to, but it is very much possible simply by shifting your awareness away from the mind. The entire world looks very different from that perspective.

Greg Calise

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