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The true horrors of ???The Half Lived Life???

Posted by phil_pollard on October 22, 2014 at 7:25 AM

We are NOT raised to believe in our extraordinariness. We are raised in a way that encourages us to ‘raise’ our ego, the part of us that must accomplish something and ‘own’ things. So we are raised in a way that the ‘ordinary’ part of us feels that we are having a successful life IF we go through the motions, IF we go to school, IF we get good grades, IF we do well, IF we stick to the rules, IF we fill out the forms, IF we pay our taxes.

This to us is good.

But we can be extraordinary beings and still have ‘ordinariness’ in us. But the extraordinariness within us, our ‘soul’, does not want to be confined to ‘ordinariness’, it doesn’t want to be contained it just wants to expand. Our ‘soul’ is infinite, it doesn’t know limitations, it’s knows we are in a universe of immense possibilities, it wants to just expand and grow and experience all there is to experience, it wants to break down the barriers of our preprogrammed limitations, it doesn’t understand ‘No, you can’t experience everything you truly desire’.

It is the mother of creativity.

So that we don’t live the horrors of a ‘half lived life’, we need to address our extraordinariness so that we can look beyond what we have been programmed to become, which is filling out the forms, going to school, getting the grades and believing that this is all there is to our world.

We are raised to believe we are the ‘conditioned self ‘, the ‘limited self’, and when we see beyond this we realize that we have become a victim of the illusion, the illusion that has been created intently to keep us limited.

You see the illusion was created because the fabric of society, and the foundation of that, cannot see you successful and wealthy, because then who would work in the check-out’s, the fuel station. Who would clean the streets, drive the buses, work in the hospitals, if we all lived our true dreams.

Your potential to dream and achieve was stolen from you, LONG AGO. We have been lied to all our lives by a system that told us from an early age that ‘ordinary’ is good.

Don’t live the horrors of a ‘half lived life’.

SOLUTION – Think greater than your environment so that your environment no longer controls your thinking.

Ray Behan

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